Why does the body start to vibrate whenever there is a fight or anger with someone?

Anger Effect On Body: Due to change in lifestyle, many diseases are making home in the body of the youth. Anxiety, depression, hypertension, diabetes, obesity are lifestyle related diseases. Today’s lifestyle is also affecting the mind. This is why people are struggling with mental problems. This is the reason why the nature of anger is increasing in people. Getting angry is a natural process. Some people become so aggressive that their hands, feet, even the whole body starts trembling along with their face. Have you ever wondered what is the relation of anger with vibration. Let’s talk about this today.

Why does the body start trembling?
Seeing this, you would also think that the person is angry, but why is he trembling. Maybe you yourself are also troubled by this problem. Actually, there is little emotion and medical connection behind it. Doctors say that people who are of emotional nature. They think too much or they keep even small things in their mind. In the brain of such people, the creation of stress hormone starts to exceed the normal level. This hormone increases blood pressure. Due to excess of hormones, the balance of the mind with the body starts to go away. Due to this reason, vibration starts in the person. As the stress subsides, less hormones are secreted. The brain starts controlling the body and the person becomes normal.

Men are more angry than women
Many research has revealed that men are more angry than women. When angry, a poisonous toxin called body adrenaline is released and spreads throughout the body. This causes many diseases. It spreads all over the body. This causes many diseases. Men often do not express anger. The trouble increases even more. People should avoid getting angry. People who remain angry for a long time have a higher risk of heart disease than other people.

what to do to avoid trouble
Stress hormones are less secreted. Some home remedies can be done for this. You can do yoga daily in these. Yoga includes Anulom Vilom, Pranayama, Kapal Bhati and other Yoga. If you do not know yoga, then learn to do yoga by coming in contact with a yoga guru. With this, the level of stress hormone will be controlled. By doing yoga, the oxygen level in the brain increases. Less stress hormones are released. Experts say that if there is a problem of excessive anger, then deep breathing should be done. Apart from this, the reverse count should be counted from 10 to 1 while pulling slow breath in and out. If the problem is increasing, see the doctor immediately.

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Disclaimer: Take the information given in this article only as a suggestion, before implementing any such treatment, cure or diet, please consult your doctor.

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