Why is a newly married couple troubled by obesity, know why weight starts increasing after marriage

Weight gain after marriage: Most of the newly wed couples face a special challenge after marriage… and that is rapid weight gain. It is often joked that obesity has increased in the happiness of marriage. Know here what is the real reason for this. Does the weight really increase due to the happiness of marriage or are there some other reasons for this?

1. Wedding Engagement

Before marriage, all the boys and girls focus completely on their diet to maintain their fitness. Exercise fiercely, walk and do yoga. So that you can get your best look on your wedding day. But as soon as the wedding rituals begin, it becomes difficult to find time for oneself and this process continues for about a month after the marriage due to one reason or the other, due to which the new couple is unable to pay attention to themselves and Weight starts increasing.

2. Round of Feasts

During marriage, we have many rituals and in every ritual, different dishes are prepared, for which a lot of ghee, oil and sugar is used. All these foods are fat enhancers.

3. Invitation and meeting

After marriage, family members, relatives and close friends invite the newly wed couple to their place. During this, the kind of food eaten in lunch or dinner is also fat-increasing. After this, long sitting and not being able to walk. Become the reason for increasing obesity.

4. Chronic fatigue and lack of sleep

From wedding shopping to preparations and after that during wedding functions… new couples get very tired. Sometimes they wake up till late night due to Sangeet Ceremonies and sometimes for Mehendi and Haldi rituals… Because of this they are not able to sleep and when sleep is not complete then body starts bloating and fat appears on the body of the couple. Seems like.

5. Honeymoon Trips

Travelling, hotel and restaurant food, hormonal changes even during honeymoon trip after marriage fatigue. All these are the reasons due to which the body gains weight very quickly. These are the common reasons due to which most of the bride and groom face the problem of obesity after marriage.

Disclaimer: Before following the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, do take the advice of a doctor or a related expert.

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