Why is it said that one should not drink water after drinking tea? What will happen if you drink?

Drinking Tea: Tea lovers are seen not only in the country but in the world. Without tea people’s eyes don’t even open. Many people drink tea 8 to 10 times a day or more. If he does not drink tea, he does not feel like working and the day also seems incomplete. As soon as I wake up from the bed in the morning and in the evening I start drinking tea on my own. Doctors say that consuming tea in excess is harmful. But do you know that drinking water after tea is also very dangerous. It can harm different parts of the body. Let’s know about this

Damage to the enamel layer of the teeth
There is a layer on the teeth. This is called enamel. This layer does not allow the teeth to feel cold, hot, sour, sweet as much. If this layer starts getting damaged, then everything starts feeling cold and hot in the teeth. Doctors say that drinking water immediately after tea damages the enamel itself. It starts getting damaged slowly. There is also a problem with the nerves of the teeth.

Could be ulcer problem
Some people start getting sour belches. This means that the problem of acidity has started. People use antacids to get rid of the problem. Some people drink cold water immediately after tea, this problem increases in them. Later the problem emerges in the form of an ulcer. Due to this, there are wounds in the food pipe.

Bleeding can happen from the nose
Drinking water after some time of tea can also cause bleeding from the nose. This is due to the inability of the body to tolerate cold and heat. The problem can increase more in the summer season.

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Sore throat, cold may occur
By drinking cold water after hot tea, problems of sore throat, cough and cold can be seen. This increases the outbreak of cold in the body. People should not drink water immediately after hot tea.

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