Why the beauty of ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’ fame Bhagyashree falls heavily on the young actress

Beauty Tips of Bhagyashree: Bhagyashree rarely appears in films now, but even today, her fitness and beauty on screen outweighs the young actress. Whether it is talking about the film ‘Thalaivi’ with Kangana in 2021 or sharing the screen with Pooja Hegde in the film ‘Radhe Shyam’ this year, Bhagyashree did not fade in front of any actress. Rather, her beauty attracted more attention in many scenes.

In such a situation, it will be the desire of every self-care lover to know how Bhagyashree 33 looks like at the age of 53. Perfect fit, flawless skin, shiny hair…all in all, Bhagyashree is a flawless beauty (Flawless Beauty Secrets of Bhagyashree). His son actor Abhimanyu Dasani himself does not fail to complement his looks and fitness videos. So let us tell you today the secrets of Bhagyashree’s beauty and her easy behavior…

Royal blood is Bhagyashree

  • Even though Bhagyashree is a famous name on films, TV and social media. But still in the young generation, few people know that Bhagyashree is a princess of a Maharashtrian royal family. They are related to the princely state of Sangli and from the age of 13, Bhagyashree started sitting together with her father in solving the princely issues, solving the problems of the people.
  • During a video interview, Bhagyashree told that due to not having any brother and being the eldest daughter of the family, her father liked to keep her involved with him in everything related to the princely state. Well, coming back to the beauty of Bhagyashree, she says that being from the Royal Family, always treating others well, listening to others’ problems and supporting people in need, being comfortable and making success your own. Not letting it go on the head is part of the upbringing they got. Now you will also agree that the person who is good at talking and whose behavior is good, his attraction automatically increases manifold.

Dressing sense increases beauty

  • There is no doubt in the fact that the person who has a good dressing sense, he himself becomes the center of attraction. Describing things related to her dress, Bhagyashree says that ‘I have lived in Mumbai since childhood with my two younger sisters and parents. But whenever we went to Sangli, our dress and manners used to change completely. I can’t remember that after the age of 13, I have ever worn anything other than a sari in Sangli. Talking about today, Bhagyashree is often seen in Indian attire, which also suits her figure a lot.

secret of glowing skin

If we talk about Bhagyashree’s impeccable glow, then I cannot attribute it to any one thing. Because the light that is seen on their face and the glow is seen in their eyes as well as the positivity that is reflected in their smile cannot come from any cream or cosmetic surgery! And all these things together add to their beauty.
Well, Bhagyashree relies heavily on cosmetics to take care of her skin. Rather, she takes care of her skin with home remedies and things kept in the kitchen. like…

  • For pink tint lips, Bhagyashree applies beetroot on the lips before sleeping at night.
  • To keep the skin glowing, she sometimes likes to apply gram flour-milk and turmeric face pack and sometimes honey, cream and multani mitti. That is, as per the need of the season and skin, according to the home remedies they choose.
  • For shiny hair, Bhagyashree prepares hair oil by mixing onion, curry leaves and coconut oil and likes to moisturize her hair with it.
  • Bhagyashree likes to apply hair masks made of curd, banana, honey and onion in her hair. She often shares her different recipes on her social media account.
  • With all this, one important thing that Bhagyashree does every day is exercise and yoga. Very few people know that exercise and yoga not only increase fitness but also improve skin tone, increase skin glow and make the skin more healthy.
  • Together, Bhagyashree is very conscious about her diet and she prefers to eat home cooked food. They often avoid eating oily, fast food, canned things.

Disclaimer: The methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article are to be taken only as suggestions, ABP News does not confirm them. Before embarking on any such treatment, be sure to know about your skin condition and do not use ingredients that do not suit your skin. Do take the advice of your beautician.


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