Will this social media app replace Twitter, why suddenly its ‘users’ started increasing, know the reason

Mastodon vs Twitter: In the midst of the ongoing stir in the legendary social media platform Twitter, Mastodon app is once again in the news and because of Twitter’s announcement of charging $8 a month from its blue tick users. After which many well-known personalities not only criticized Twitter, but also announced to leave it. Now people are looking at this new app as an alternative to Twitter. Let us give you detailed information about this app.

What is Mastodon App?

This app has been developed as a social media platform on the lines of Twitter. But at present, its command is not in the hands of any company, but in the hands of different groups and individual people. As of now no advertisements have been included in this. Currently this social media platform is crowdfunding supported.

Who made the Mastodon app?

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This social media app is the brainchild of a German software developer Eugen Rochko. Eugen Rochko was born in a Jewish family of Russian origin. Rochko reached Germany at the age of 11. While pursuing further studies, Rochko chose Computer Science as his subject and launched this software in 2016 under the name Mastodon.

How does Mastodon work?

This social media platform works like Twitter. On this app also you can share your things along with tagging any other user. You can also follow other accounts as well.

Increasingly users?

Changes in Twitter have been very beneficial for the Mastodon app. Users are seeing it as an alternative to Twitter. In the midst of uproar in Twitter, this platform got about 2 lakh new users in just one week. According to Eugen Rochko, more than 2,30,000 users have grown from this platform since October 27. Now together there are more than 6 and a half lakh active users on this app.

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