Will your SBI account get blocked if you do not update your PAN number? Know the truth of this viral message

State Bank of India Alert: News of work for crores of account holders of the country’s largest bank State Bank of India. If you are an account holder of SBI and you are getting many types of messages regarding updating PAN number, then you should be alert. You can be a victim of fraud by sending your information by clicking on such calls, WhatsApp and mail links. Digitalization has increased very rapidly in India in the last several years. Along with this, the number of cyber crimes has also increased rapidly.

Nowadays many cyber criminals send messages to people in the name of updating PAN number (PAN card), Aadhaar number (KYC update). After this, after sharing personal information by customers, they withdraw lakhs of rupees from the account. In such a situation, keep yourself safe from such fake messages. For the past few days, a message related to State Bank on social media is becoming increasingly viral on social media. In this message, people are being asked to update the information related to PAN.

PIB has alerted people

Government agency Press Information Bureau has fact-checked this viral message. This fact PIB has told that a message is being sent to many customers of SBI to update the PAN number. It is being claimed in this message that if you do not update this information by not clicking on the link given below, then your account will be blocked. Regarding this message, PIB has said that it is completely fake. The Bank does not ask any customer to update his/her information through call, message or email.

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Do not share your personal information

PIB Fact Check told people not to share their personal information with anyone even by forgetting. Many times cybercriminals ask you to fill a form in which your personal details like name, Aadhaar number, PAN number, account details and credit and debit card information are asked. Do not share this kind of information at all. If you get any such message, then immediately register your complaint by mail at report.phishing@sbi.co.in. Apart from this, you can also contact by calling the helpline number for 1930 cyber crime.

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