With mild fever, there may be pain in the feet, there may be pneumonia and TB, be careful in time

Persistent Low Grade Fever: Winters have started and with this the season of cough, cold and fever has started. Sometimes these problems occur and get fixed within a few days. Sometimes it takes several days but the fever does not go away. In some cases and many other symptoms do not appear, only a mild fever remains. In such a situation, many times people take this problem lightly and keep working after eating paracetamol. But if you have mild fever for more than a week, then take it seriously and go to the root of the disease and get the right treatment.

what is low grade fever

Low grade fever means that the body temperature remains from 99 to 101 and there is pain in the body especially in the legs. Fever starts every day at any time of the day and goes away with a paracetamol tablet, but this happens for several days. If you also have such low grade fever continuously for 10 to 14 days, then it should be investigated. Know which diseases can be at risk in this situation.

Viral infection like common cold or covid

One of the most common causes of low grade fever can be a viral infection. However, it gets over in a few days and only paracetamol gives relief. In this you may also have other symptoms like runny nose, sore throat, sneezing, loss of appetite.

viral pneumonia

Another reason behind low grade fever can be viral pneumonia. In this, the person may have chills and cough with fever and it can last for two to three weeks. In this, the patient is mainly advised to eat paracetamol and take rest. If it does not settle even after this, then get it checked with the advice of a doctor.

Could be UTI

Many times there are no other symptoms in having a UTI, only a persistent fever remains. Some people feel very cold along with fever. Other common symptoms are pain and burning while urinating and frequent urination. In case of any such symptoms, contact the doctor immediately and start treatment on time.

TB can be the reason

TB is also a major cause of low grade fever in our country in which mild fever lasts for more than three weeks. In this, the patient can have many symptoms like loss of appetite, cough, blood in cough, weight loss, night sweats. For this also the treatment should be started after being examined with the advice of the doctor. If you have such symptoms, contact your doctor without delay.

Apart from these, there are many reasons for low grade fever. It would be better to go to the doctor in time and find out the right reason and start taking the right treatment. Sometimes this seemingly small problem can take the form of a big problem.

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