With these tips, you can create a hidden folder in your phone, your data will be absolutely safe

Data Hide in Android Mobile: Nowadays, mobile is not only a device to make calls or receive calls, but it has become a much more important thing. That is why most people cannot live without mobile even for a moment. Not at all when you have some important data in it, it can be anything. It may contain things related to your personal life or any documents related to your profession. Sometimes you have to give your phone to someone to use, at that time you are afraid of privacy. That’s why we are going to tell you some easy tips, by following which you can make it absolutely safe. Someone will be able to use you but will not be able to access your data.

download a good file manager

Most of the smartphones have an in-built file manager app in which the option to create a new folder is also given. If there is no option to create new files and folders in your phone, then you can download a good file manager app with the help of Google Play Store.

create new folder

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Now create a folder in your phone, but keep in mind that this folder should be created in the internal memory of your phone.

do like this private

When the new folder is created, then you create a new file and when the explorer app asks for the type of file, choose the option of blank file, after that when asking for the name of the file, .nomedia (this is a text extension with a blank name (.txt) ) is also.

use folder like this

After creating a folder, you can save any media file in it. This file will no longer be visible in any app. Whenever you want to open this file, it can be opened by connecting it to the Explorer application or system.

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