With which bat Babar Azam will bat in front of Team India, know how to select it

India vs Pakistan: There are only a few days left in the great match between India and Pakistan in the T20 World Cup. The match will be played between the two teams at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on 23 October. At the same time, the preparations of both the teams are in full swing for this match. Before the match against India, Pakistan captain Babar Azam, while answering some interesting questions, told how many bats he carries for the match and how to choose the perfect bat for himself.

How to choose Babar Bat
In a video on social media released by the Pakistan Cricket Board, Pakistan captain Babar Azam answered many interesting questions while answering the questions of the fans. Babar is counted among the best batsmen in the world, so Babar was questioned.

Responding to this question, Babar said that he does not play with any one bat. Rather play with different weight bats according to different places. Babar told that he carries 6-7 bats with him on tour. At the same time, he also said that the more bat I carry, the more confused I get, but I use only my best bats.

How will Indian bowlers deal with Babar and Rizwan?
Former India all-rounder Irfan Pathan has given advice to Indian bowlers while explaining how to deal with Pakistan’s inform pair Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan. He said that bowlers should not be given too much attention, especially Mohammad Rizwan, as he will carry the responsibility of the powerplay on his shoulders. The bowlers’ line should be in the stumps. His line should be absolutely tight. There will be a slight change in the length with both the batsmen. When Rizwan is batting, you can use the fuller ball. Your effort should be that the ball hits near his nerol. It will be a good line and length for this.

But when Babar Azam bats, you should try to get him out lbw. But the target of the bowler should not be his front leg but the back leg as it remains slightly open. You need to do similar planning. At the same time Arshdeep Singh and Bhuvneshwar Kumar will come with their in-swing bowling. We also need to know that Pakistan players are not able to bat very well against spin. In such a situation, you should keep an eye on it, you can also get it done with an over spinner in the powerplay.

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