Women adopt these three methods to bring back virginity

How To Restore Virginity: In a country like India, female virginity has been a big issue, people see it by linking it with chastity. Many girls lose their virginity before marriage, then society and people look at it with wrong eyes, but now technology has become very advanced, our science has gone a long way, in such a way, methods have also been found to restore virginity. Some of which are old-fashioned tricks, while some are the gift of model science. Now you must be thinking that something like this used to happen in the olden days too, then let us tell you that even in the olden days people used to resort to leech therapy to regain their virginity. Now you must be thinking that what kind of therapy is this, then let us tell you about it in detail.

What is virginity?

Virginity is such a word that people associate with sex. It is believed that the person or woman who has never made a physical relation before is the only virgin.

What is leech therapy?

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Fake virginity can be created with this therapy. According to the information, leech is put in Libya, after which blood starts coming. Due to this, a thin crust is formed on the place, due to the contraction of blood and vagina, fake virginity show is done while making physical relation.

Restore virginity like this with modern science

Hymenoplasty: This is a process in which the hymen is reconstructed. Through this surgery, an attempt is made to bring back the layer above the vagina, which is called hymen, which is broken due to any reason, in common language, virginity is restored by this.

Vaginoplasty: This is also a surgery in which the vagina is constructed, it is a genital reconstruction surgery. The purpose of this is to re-design the vagina or say it to reconstruct, virginity is also restored through this. It repairs the weak muscles of the vagina.

Let us tell you that in the UK, most of the girls and women get hymenoplasty done by their parents or relatives to show them completely virgin, so that they can be presented pure on the wedding night and avoid embarrassment, although now the government Has introduced a bill in the Parliament to ban this.

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