Women can be alert after 40 years of breast cancer, know how to protect yourself

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: The month of October is celebrated as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In this month, an attempt is made to spread awareness about breast cancer. Breast cancer statistics are increasing rapidly all over the world including India. The main reason for this is lack of information. Many times women do not even know that they can also have a disease like breast cancer. Women have an increased risk of breast cancer after the age of 40. If you recognize the symptoms in the beginning, then its treatment is easy, otherwise it can be difficult. Know what are the symptoms of breast cancer and how it can be avoided.

symptoms of breast cancer

  • lump in breasts or underarms
  • breast swelling or thickening
  • Burning or dimpling of breast skin
  • red spots on nipples
  • flaking of breast skin
  • nipple twitching and pain
  • Bleeding or any discharge from the breast
  • change in breast size
  • pain in breast

How to avoid the risk of breast cancer
1- Be careful after the age of 40- The doctor says that women need to be alert after the age of 40. At this time the chances of getting breast cancer increase. In such a situation, you should do a mammography test every 1-2 years. If someone in your family history has had breast cancer, then you should keep getting tested frequently.
2- Information about family history- To avoid breast cancer, it is important for you to be aware of family history. Whether your mother, sister, aunt, aunt or other special relative has had breast cancer. With this, the doctor will test the breast cancer gene (BRCA gene) and if it is found positive in you, then you may be at risk of breast cancer. In such a situation, you should always keep getting checkups done.
3- Breast self examination is necessary- To diagnose breast cancer, doctors recommend self-examination. For this, you should regularly touch and press the breast with your hands. If you feel any pain, lump or anything different, see a doctor immediately. If you do not understand, then you can take the help of your gynecologist.
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