Women must know what is vaginal seeding

Vaginal Seeding: With the changing times, today there has been so much progress in every field of science that everything is possible. A word related to pregnancy is making its identity among women, which in the language of science is called vaginal seeding. Many women do not know about this and not many people know about its work and when it is done. Actually, vaginal seeding is also called micro birthing. In vaginal seeding, the baby born after C section is kept covered with the mother’s vaginal fluid immediately after birth. This gives many benefits to the child.

Babies who are born through normal delivery come in contact with good bacteria when they pass through the birth canal, which is beneficial for their health. But, children born by c-section remain untouched by this, the deficiency of which is fulfilled by vaginal seeding.

How is vaginal seeding done?

Actually, when the child is born through C-section, the vaginal fluid of the mother is inserted into the baby’s nose, skin and mouth with the help of cotton swabs.
To take the fluid, just like women use tampons during periods, a clean device is inserted into the woman’s vagina. This is done when the child has not been born. The device stays inside the vagina for about 1 hour so that the good bacteria get properly planted in it.

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As soon as the child is born after C section, vaginal fluid is given to the child with the help of cotton. Babies who are born through normal delivery come in contact with this fluid through the birth canal and do not need it.

Why is vaginal seeding done?

When a baby is born normally, it first comes in contact with good bacteria through the birth canal, whereas, a baby born by C-section first comes in contact with bad microbes. The good bacteria help protect the baby from digestive and health related disorders. To avoid such problems in a child born through C section, vaginal seeding is done.

In simple words, an attempt is made to give artificially the fluid which the child could not get naturally.


There is a lot of healthy flora in the birth canal of the mother which is highly beneficial for the baby. In normal delivery, the baby is covered with this good flora and gets the benefit of good bacteria throughout its life. Many researches have revealed that babies born through normal delivery are less prone to immune system disorders while babies born through C section are more prone to allergic diseases and infections because they are exposed to good bacteria. remain untouched. That’s why vaginal seeding is done so that the children remain healthy and they get the same benefits as they get on normal birth.

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