World Consumer Day is being celebrated today, know what are the rights of consumers in the country?

World Consumers Day 2023: World Consumers Day 2023 is celebrated every year for the awareness of consumer rights all over the world. World Consumers Day is celebrated every year on 15 March (World Consumers Day). The purpose behind celebrating this day is to increase the awareness among the customers about their rights (Consumer Rights). It has been observed that generally many customers are not aware of their rights. In such a situation, people are told about it through World Consumer Day. Let us know how the celebration of this day started and what is its theme this year-

How did the celebration of World Consumers Day begin?

The credit for celebrating this day goes to US President John F. Kennedy. For the first time, John F. Kennedy raised his voice in the US Congress in the year 1962 on the issue of consumer rights. Kennedy was the first world leader to talk about consumer rights. After this, from March 15, 1983, this day was celebrated as World Consumer Day. year 2023 The theme of World Consumer Day in 2015 is ‘Empowering consumers at the pace of clean energy’.

The purpose behind celebrating this day

The main reason behind celebrating World Consumer Day is that through this, customers around the world can be made aware of their rights and responsibilities. On this day, different governments around the world inform the common people of their country about things like hoarding, black marketing, adulterated things, charging more money than the fixed price, etc. In such a situation, today we are giving you information about the rights of the consumer on this special occasion.

Consumers get this right

The consumer gets rights in many ways by the government. The first right in this is the right to security. Under this, the shopkeeper cannot sell anything to the customers whose quality is poor. If the shopkeeper has to give a defective item, then he will have to replace the goods later. If he refuses to do so, you can file a complaint against him. Along with the right to security, customers also get the right to information. You can find out the purity and value of your service or item. Along with this, customers also get the right to choose.

Customers get the freedom to buy anything according to their need and convenience. Along with this, if the company or the shopkeeper is dishonest with the customer, then the consumer can go to the court and get the hearing done, that means he also gets the right to be heard. Along with this, the consumer also gets the right to solve the problem. Along with this, customers also get the right of consumer education. Under this right, the government has to make consumers aware of their rights by conducting consumer awareness campaigns from time to time.

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