Worship Ganpati with these things on Wednesday, there will be blessings in the house

Remedy for Wednesday: Among all the deities, Lord Ganesha is considered the first deity to be worshipped. Ganapati is worshiped on Wednesday with complete rituals. If the position of the planet Mercury is weak in the horoscope, then they are advised to take some measures on Wednesday. Worshiping Ganapati with some special worship material on Wednesday gives the fruit of worship and brings blessings to the house. Let us know which things should be included in the worship of Lord Ganesha.

Include these things in the worship of Ganapati

    • A pair of bananas must be offered in the worship of Ganapati, Bappa is pleased with this. Banana is the most favorite of all fruits to Lord Ganesha. That’s why a pair of bananas must be offered in the worship of Lord Ganesha. This will bring blessings of Ganapati.
    • In Hindu religion, no work is considered auspicious without turmeric. That’s why offer turmeric to Ganapati on Wednesday. Offering lump of turmeric on Bappa is considered very auspicious on this day. It is believed that by doing this the remover of obstacles removes all the troubles of the devotees and prosperity comes in the house.
    • Coconut is definitely used in every worship. In Puranas, coconut has been described as the fruit of Goddess Lakshmi. Offering whole coconut to Shri Ganesh on Wednesday is considered auspicious. By doing this, there is rain of money in the house.
    • Ganapati loves modak and laddu very much, so these two things must be offered in his worship. It is believed that every wish of the devotee is fulfilled by offering laddoos or modaks to Lord Ganesha.
    • In Hindu religion, betel nut is considered a symbol of Lord Ganesha. Do not forget to include betel nut in the worship material of Ganesha. It is said that offering betel nut to Bappa brings blessings and prosperity in the house.
    • According to Puranas, Durva is very dear to Lord Ganesha. Do not forget to include Durva in the worship of Shri Ganesh. By offering Durva to Lord Ganesha, one gets relief from every crisis.

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