Yatrigarh Please Attention! Do not travel with any such luggage in the train, otherwise you will be jailed

Indian Railway Guidelines For Passengers on Festive Season : The festival of Diwali and Chhat is about to come, and most of the people would be planning to travel by Indian Railways. In such a situation, many times by mistake, do not take such a face for traveling in the train, due to which you have to face both fine and jail. For this you will need to be careful and alert.

Millions of people ready to return home
The big festival of Diwali is coming in the country. Lakhs of people working in many cities of the country are going to return home from one state to another. Most people use Indian Railways for long journeys.

Banned products list released
Tell you that the railway Diwali In view of the safety of passengers regarding festivals, many new rules have been made. During this, the crowd in the trains will increase significantly. Railways has clearly said that passengers will not carry any flammable material with them during the journey of the train. For this, a list of banned products has also been issued. If a passenger violates these rules, then he may also have to face jail.

this product is banned

Indian Railways said in a tweet that if a passenger travels in a train with firecrackers, petrol-diesel or other inflammable material, then it will be considered a punishable offense. Railways said that carrying firecrackers in the train is like putting the lives of passengers at risk and strict action will be taken against those who do so. Apart from this, there is also a ban on carrying stove and gas in the train.

don’t do this at all
The Railways has directed that no passenger should travel in a train compartment or railway premises carrying firecrackers, gas cylinders and gun powder, as well as not light cigarettes in the train compartment or premises. Often some passengers cook food by lighting the stove in the railway premises. Railways has clearly said that it is forbidden to burn gas or stove in the railway premises. There is also a ban on traveling in the train with flammable materials like kerosene and petrol.

Otherwise there will be fine and jail
Under Sections 164 and 165 of the Railway Act 1989, if a passenger is caught traveling in a train with inflammable substances like firecrackers, stoves, gas, petrol, then he can be fined Rs 1,000. Also, the passenger can be jailed for 3 years. Railways can take both fine and jail action on such passengers simultaneously.

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