You also eat Disprin in headache! it can be dangerous to do so

You must have seen that often whenever someone has a headache, he first looks for Disprin medicine. This medicine is a modified form of aspirin developed about 125 years ago. It is believed that this medicine is very effective in headache. But do you know that eating this medicine has many more side effects in your body. If you take this medicine for a long time, how dangerous it can be for your body… You cannot even imagine it. Today in this article we will tell you about the same. It dissolves, you drink it. But this medicine is very dangerous for your blood. Using this medicine in excess can make your blood thinner and it also has a very bad effect on your digestive system. If you are taking Disprin continuously without doctor’s advice even on a slight headache, then you can also become addicted to it. In such a situation, if you are not given disprin at the time of headache, then you will be seriously upset. On the other hand, according to Professor Peter, Medical Director of the British Heart Foundation, people who consume Disprin daily, problems like stomach upset, vomiting and indigestion are seen.

Disprin is also beneficial in some cases< /h3>

Disprin is believed to only cure headaches… but it is not. The properties of Disprin… Apart from headache, it can also cure diseases like pain elsewhere in the body, heart attack, migraine and stroke. This medicine is also taken on the advice of doctors in the treatment of fever and acne. Actually, it is a non-inflammatory drug which is also used to reduce pain and swelling. Many times doctors recommend this medicine to those people who have gone through a serious illness like heart attack. Comes under NSAID. If you take this medicine regularly then it increases your blood pressure. Along with this, if pregnant women are consuming this medicine daily, then its serious effect is seen on their baby as well. Women who are breastfeeding children are also prohibited from taking Disprin. Whereas if you are suffering from problems like asthma, Reye’s syndrome and gout, then you should consume Disprin only on the advice of doctors.

Disclaimer: The method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article Do take the advice of a doctor or related expert before implementing.

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