You are doing a party plan this Diwali, so keep these Kovid rules in mind

Diwali 2022 Coronavirus: There is a celebration of the festival across the country. Diwali People are busy preparing for the celebrations. The crowd in the market and mall has increased so much that you will be surprised to see. Looking at the situation, it seems that people have forgotten that the danger of corona is not over yet. Due to the increasing crowd on the festival and keeping the rules in mind, the corona virus spreads rapidly. now omicron The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned about the new subvariant BF.7. This virus is being said to be more contagious and spreading rapidly. Its cases are coming up all over the world including India. In such a situation, if the rules of Corona are not followed, then your negligence can put the whole family in danger.

If you want to avoid corona then take care
1- Mask is necessary- If you are going to the market or going to a public place on the festival, then definitely wear a mask. Keep in mind that your nose and mouth should be completely covered by the mask. The mask should fit snugly on your face. Keep in mind that only wear N-95 masks in public places. If you are using a cloth mask, then use a double mask.

2- 6 feet distance- Avoid going to crowded places during this time. Try to keep a distance of 6 feet from people. The more people you come in contact with, the more the risk of getting infected with corona will increase. Many times the symptoms of corona are not visible but they can spread the infection.

3- Wash hands properly- Whenever you come from outside, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water for 20 seconds. If there is no water, then keep cleaning your hands from time to time with a sanitizer containing 60% alcohol. Do not touch your mouth, eyes and nose with your hands when you leave the house.

4- Keep away from children and senior citizens- If you keep going out and about, then keep a distance from the children and elders of the house. Such people are most likely to get COVID-19. Take special care while meeting a sick person in the house.

5- Take care of your health- If you have outside exposure then take care of your health. In case of any symptoms, isolate yourself. In case of cough, fever, cough, difficulty in breathing or hearing, or any other symptoms, see a doctor immediately.

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