You can do real kiss to your wife or girlfriend even while staying away, if you don’t believe then watch the video

Kissing Device: A new example of how technology is changing day by day has come to the fore in the market. Children of a university in China have created a device that has created a sensation on the Internet. This device is made for people living in long distance. Often couples living in long-distance are not able to meet each other nor can they physically hug each other. To overcome this shortcoming, a Chinese university has invented a wonderful device.

A Chinese university has made such a device which will give real kissing feeling to the far away partner. Actually, lips are made in this device just like humans. This device connects to an app. As soon as your partner kisses on the lips made on this device, the device on the other hand kisses you with the same energy and heat. It will seem as if the person is present right in front of you. At present, this device has become a topic of discussion on the Internet and there are fierce reactions on social media.

We are adding this video here so that you can better understand how the device works.

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According to the information available on the internet, the scientist who made this device used to stay away from his girlfriend and only then this ID came in his mind. As soon as this device was made live, people liked it very much and now it is viral all over the world.

Talking about the price, the price of this kissing device is said to be Rs 3,400. On the other hand, if couples order it, then it comes for around Rs.6,547.


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