You can get relief in these 6 problems by putting just two drops of oil in the navel

Navel Therapy: No matter how modern we become today, but there are some such things of Ayurveda which even today we use to keep ourselves healthy. One of these is pouring oil in the navel. Ayurveda believes that putting oil in the navel can remove many small and big problems. It is also called belly button therapy. It is said that many nerves of our body are connected with each other, so putting oil in the navel gives relief in many problems, both physical and mental. Today, through this article, we will tell you in detail that after putting oil in the navel Which problems get relief from it.

these are Benefits of putting oil in the navel

1. Relief in joint pain: In the winter season, people often have pain in the joints of the hands and feet, there is difficulty in walking, getting up, sitting, bending, even in turning, in such a situation, if you apply sesame oil on the navel, then the problem of joint pain Can do away with this.

2. Cough Beneficial in cold: By applying sesame oil on the navel daily, the problems of cold and cough can also be kept away to a great extent. Sesame oil has heat and when it goes to the navel, it gives relief in cold very quickly.

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3. Improve Digestive Power: Anyone whose digestive power is weak can massage the navel with mustard oil. Due to this, stomach related problems like bloating, stomach pain, irritable bowel syndrome and sometimes if you have nausea or stomach cramps, you can get such relief by putting oil in the navel.

4. Brings glow on the skin: By putting oil in the navel, its effect can be seen directly on your skin. Yes, it makes skin healthy. If you massage the navel with olive oil, the difference is visible on this screen within a few days. Also, any allergic infection related to the skin also goes away.

5. Make hair strong: Often women complain that their hair is weak, not thick, or is falling too much, so massaging the navel with coconut or olive oil strengthens the hair. Let us tell you that Na is also associated with about 72,000 inside the body, which helps the body to absorb different types of essential minerals present in the oil.

6. Relief in physical problem: Even to strengthen the fertility, oil is massaged in the navel. Neem or coconut oil is very effective for this. It increases the sperm count. Women can also get rid of abdominal pain during periods.

Disclaimer: Take the information given in this article only as a suggestion, before implementing any such treatment, cure or diet, please consult your doctor.

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