You can win the world by defeating depression, Ben Stokes is the latest example

Depression Treatment: By winning the T20 World Cup this time, England has become the country which has both the One Day World Cup and T20 WC 2022. Ben Stokes, who played England’s winning innings in the final match, was battling serious mental illness like depression just two years ago. The reason for Ben’s depression was the death of his father. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how old you are, because people who have a deep connection with their parents are always children for them and having parents is like a roof over their head. Happens, something similar happened with Ben Stokes.

Ben, who was emotionally deeply attached to his father, went into depression due to the shock of his death and went through severe mental and emotional ups and downs for 2 years. It is obvious that this had an impact on his career as well. But with the right treatment and strong willpower, Ben pulled himself together, made a career comeback and went on to play a World Cup-winning innings for his team. If the England team had not won the T20 World Cup and Ben had not played such a good innings (52 runs off 49 balls), then perhaps we would not have even been talking about his depression. But the spirit of defeating this disease and becoming the savior of the World Cup winning team inspires us to talk openly about depression and depression.

Depression is a terrible problem

Depression is such a disease that engulfs every person at some stage of life. But due to its different forms, it looks like a disease in some, while some people carry it for years because of not recognizing its mild symptoms. You can recognize these symptoms like this…

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  • do not feel like doing any work
  • lack of concentration
  • having negative thoughts
  • stay sad
  • not wanting to talk to anyone
  • feeling lonely
  • want to cry without reason
  • panic without reason

How to recognize depression in children

1 out of every 7 children is a victim of emotional-mental problems like low mood, mild depression and anxiety. The innocent child keeps on struggling with these problems and neither he is able to explain his problem to anyone nor the parents are able to know about the child’s problem. One out of every 7 children is a victim of low mood, this data has been published in ‘Depression in Children and Adolescent: A Review on of Indian Studies’.

This disease is not incurable
Depression is not an incurable disease. It just needs to be understood, treated right and the person struggling with it gets the right emotional environment. If all these things come together, then the disease like depression, which clogs the mind and destroys the will to live, can be completely controlled. And the person suffering from this can once again achieve new heights in his life. Cricketer Ben Stokes is the best example of this at the moment.

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