‘You can’t say anything to the media…’, Jaya Bachchan got angry at the paparazzi and Rakhi Sawant said this

Rakhi Sawant on Jaya Bachchan: Bollywood’s famous actress and politician Jaya Bachchan has become a topic of discussion these days. Recently a video of Jaya Bachchan surfaced. In which Jaya Bachchan was seen raging on the media photographer i.e. paparazzi. After this, Jaya Bachchan started getting criticized everywhere. Many eminent personalities have strongly condemned this behavior of Jaya Bachchan towards the media. Now the statement of Rakhi Sawant has also come to the fore in this matter, in which she has spoken in favor of the media.

Rakhi Sawant spoke on Jaya’s behavior with the media

Rakhi Sawant is known for her impeccable style. Rakhi does not shy away from expressing her opinion on any issue bluntly. When Rakhi Sawant came to the media on Friday, the media personnel asked her the question that- You must have seen how recently Jaya Bachchan has misbehaved with the media, while we consider her like a mother. What would you like to say on this? Rakhi Sawant, while talking openly on this matter, has said that – Of course you consider her as your mother, but I believe that you cannot speak anything to the media. Social media can reach anywhere. We are celebrities. It is clear from this statement from Rakhi that she is not at all happy with this behavior of Jaya Bachchan.

Urfi also became unhappy with Jaya

Seeing this behavior of Jaya Bachchan from the media, a few days ago, Urfi Javed criticized it in a story on his official Instagram handle. Urfi Javed wrote in the story that- Has he said that I would expect you to fall twice more. Please don’t be like them, people don’t respect you just because you are older than them and more powerful. . Rather respect you when you treat them properly and with good behavior.

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