Your kitchen cutting board is 10 times dirtier than the toilet seat

Health Tips: Cleanliness is very important for good health, and ever since this corona virus has spread, we have become even more vigilant about cleanliness. Often we consider our toilet as a base of germs, we consider our bathroom as the dirtiest place, so it is cleaned more than once, but do you know that there are many things in your house which are more clean. Not done and it is a hub of germs, it is not us but the studies tell, it has come to the fore in the study that the towel which we wipe our hands after washing our hands considering it to be clean, is actually a breeding ground for germs, yes Towel can make you sick, so it should be cleaned every day. Let us know what are those things which we ignore considering them to be neat and clean, but they become a home for diseases.

smart fone: The smartphone which we keep so close to us can prove to be very dangerous for us, because it is a big base of germs. There are so many bacteria on it that you would never have imagined. Smartphone is the breeding ground of germs, and we keep this germ filled smartphone so close to our face. Scientists at Arjuno University have found that users’ smartphones are 10 times dirtier than a normal toilet seat. A study has found that an average of 17,000 bacteria genes can be on a high school child’s phone.

Cutting Board: Research by the University of Arizona has also found that on average, 200 times more bacteria are found on cutting boards than on toilet seats. Because of this, if you bring raw meat home and chop it on the cutting board, then in this way fecal bacteria are produced in the internal organs of animals, so even a small part of the last piece of chicken you cut, if the knife and chopping board But if left, it does not take long for germs to grow on it.

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Dining Table and Carpet: About 200 thousand bacteria are present per square inch of our dining table and carpet, which is 700 times more than the bacteria on the toilet seat.

keyboard: Often we touch the keyboard first while working, then touch some food items with the same hand, but doing so can be very dangerous because during a study it has been found that the keyboard has 5 times more germs than the toilet seat. Huh.

TV remote: The TV remote which you keep close to your chest, there is a fight to keep the TV remote, that TV remote is full of germs. Whatever dust or dirt is there on your sofa or table, it pulls the remote and this dust collects inside it, dirt and germs get trapped under its buttons.

Underwear in the washing machine: In the washing machine in which you leave your underwear very comfortably, do you know that 100 million E. coli bacteria that spread diarrhea get collected in these underwear. Their number increases in the corners of the machine and they reach other clothes.

Dog Pot: If there is any dirtiest thing in your house, then it is your pet’s food bowl. If your dog licks the toilet seat, 295 bacteria per square inch stick to its mouth at one go, but if it licks its own food utensil, it ingests 2,110 bacteria per square inch.

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